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There is a comprehensive range of data held on many different topics, including population, households, business, education, health and crime. Much of the data is open and available to view. This page highlights some of the main sources.

Calderdale overview

For a summary of demographic information on this Borough, covering population, ethnicity and transport links, read: PDFCalderdale overview [PDF 107KB] .

To see more detail, visit:

The JSNA includes a more detailed version of the demographic information on Calderdale.

Census 2011

A national census is held every ten years. The information is held by the: Office for National Statistics (ONS) , with information from previous censuses.

The latest census was held on March 27th 2011. For more on this, visit: Census 2011 .

The information collected includes topics such as:

  • Demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, migration patterns, health, long-term illness;
  • Household: type, tenure, size, resources;
  • Economic: activity, employment, occupation, travel to work.

Information can be found at Borough, ward, output areas and postcode, dependent on the information that you look up.

If you want to look up personal information on your family history, see: Local studies and family history .

Economic updates

Economic updates are produced on a regular basis during the year. They provide current data trends and benchmarking information on employment, business, skills and housing: PDFEconomic update - July 2016 [PDF 1162KB]

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