Children's centres

Two young children playing

Children's centres offer services for children and families, providing early years education and childcare, health services and family support, all under one roof. The warm and welcoming atmosphere provide services that enable families to:

  • Be healthy;
  • Stay safe;
  • Enjoy and achieve;
  • Make a positive contribution;
  • Achieve economic well-being.


The centres act as base for childminder networks and a link to other day care provision, out of school clubs and extended schools. They also have links with local training and education providers, Jobcentre Plus, and the Early Years Learning and Childcare team.


The children's centres in Calderdale are managed by independent providers:



The Council work closely with NHP and HOT, and with all the staff who provide a quality Children's centre and family support service across Calderdale.


The future of Children's Centres service

Earlier this year, Calderdale Council reviewed the Children's Centres service, delivered for us by two local independent organisations, HOT and NHP. We wanted to see if we needed to commission something different for the future.

We looked at what families need from the Children's Centres core service, daycare and family support service. We talked to other local authorities about what they do with their Children's Centres, and we looked at what resources are needed.

We also talked to families, staff, schools, health partners and anyone else with an interest in early years, to see what they think is needed, what they value and what could be better.

We want to thank the hundreds of families and professionals who have talked to us, completed the surveys, and sent us their views. Overall, the clear message from families, parents, staff and professionals is that we do not need to commission something completely different right now.

We have listened and are extending the current arrangements instead of recommissioning a brand new service. We are pleased to say that HOT and NHP have agreed to continue to deliver their successful services for us until March 2019.

There will be some small changes over this time, but no fundamental difference in what the Children's Centres are achieving in Calderdale. We believe this is the best outcome for children, families and partners who value and need the Children's Centre service.

For more on the recommissioning of Children's Centres, please contact Julia Clough by email: .