Young Carers Service

Who are the Young Carers Service?

The staff at the Young Carers Service work for Calderdale Council and have all had to apply for their jobs, be interviewed to make sure they are the right people (young carers have helped with this), have CRB and health checks to make sure they are safe to work with children and young people. All the staff and sessional workers have experience that helps them in their work with young carers and their families and they have relevant qualifications.

Although the staff do similar jobs e.g. take referrals, do home visits to find out what support families need, attend meeting which include other meetings which include other organisations who can help and support families, some also have extra responsibilities.  For example, the Manager makes sure the service is running properly and the staff are aware of their responsibilities.

The Specialist Workers take referrals, organise group sessions, work with young carers and their families who need help to get the right sort of support in place work with young carers who need extra time to sort out any difficulties, write the newsletter, raise awareness in schools.

The Family First Keyworker works with any member of the family who needs it to get back on track with daily life; the Sessional Workers mostly help with the group activities but some also do visits, assessments and individual work.

How does it work?

All staff attend regular training events to keep them up-to-date with new ideas and developments and speak to their Manager regularly to explain what they have been doing and to make sure they are doing there job properly.

The workers agree that every member of the family should be listened to, to say what they need, has a right to be involved in making decisions which affect them, be treated as individuals and will only share information outside of the service when it is necessary to support the family and to keep everyone safe.  Records of our contacts with young carers and their families, are put into Calderdale's secure electronic system.

What does the service do for young carers and their families?

Because members of the family usually have different needs, the Young Carers Service works with a lot of other organisations to increase the chance of getting the best possible support for the family. These may include: Schools, Colleges and Education Support e.g Education Welfare Officers, Educational Psychologists, Learning Mentors, Home School Liaison Officers, Connexions;  Health (Doctors, Psychiatrists, School Nurses, CPN's), Family Support, Young People's Services, Leisure Services, Housing etc.

The services include:

  • Information and advice - including a newsletter sent out every half term;
  • Group sessions - weekly activities to give a break, social events, short projects to work on specific topics and opportunities to talk about how the service can be improved;
  • Advocacy - to give young carers and their families a louder voice;
  • Individual support -  time to talk and to work on particular problems.
How does a young carer become involved with the service?

If the young carer wants to know more about or become involved with the service, anyone (the young carer, a family member, friend or professional) can ring the service or write to us with their details. We will then make a time to see the young carer at a place and time that they are happy with and we will explain what we can offer. If the young carer wants to take up the service, we will need a bit more information from them and sometimes school or other agencies to make sure we are providing the right service to meet all their needs. We feel it is important to support the whole family so we usually include parents in this as well.

Contact the Young Carers Service

  • Username Young Carers Service
  • Email
  • Telephone 01422 261207 Freephone 0800 389 5785
  • Address
    Young Carers Service
    Children and Young People's Services
    Council Offices
    HX5 0ER


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