20mph speed limit information

Where are the 20mph speed limit areas?

The 20mph speed limits will be introduced in all residential areas. The majority of main A and B roads will not have 20mph, but we will assess them individually.


Why is 20mph not in my area?

The 20mph speed limit is only suitable for roads which are mainly residential and do not form part of a major through route. Some roads which are either very short or cul-de-sacs have not been included because existing speeds are already slow and to include them would waste resource and unnecessary signs.


Will 20mph be outside schools?

If the school is in a main residential area, the road speed will be 20mph. If a school is not in a residential area, we will assess the suitability of introducing a part time advisory 20mph speed limit.


Will there be any road humps?

No. For roads where vehicles are still speeding, we will assess the need for road humps or other ways to calm traffic.


Will there be enough 20mph signs?

Signs will alert drivers that they are entering a 20mph area. Large 20mph signs will be placed at junctions where the speed limit changes so drivers are clear. Drivers will also be reminded of the speed limit with small repeater signs which will be placed at regular intervals, on existing lamp posts where possible.


What is the difference between a 20mph speed limit and a 20mph zone?

In addition to the legal differences between zones and limits, 20mph speed limit areas are identified by entry signs to the area together with smaller repeater signs. 20mph zones have signs at the entry points together with suitable traffic calming measures like road humps, but do not include any repeater signs.


How is 20mph funded?

20mph is funded by the Local Transport Plan and costs are estimated to be approximately £520,000 over the three years.


How can I report a highway maintenance issue?

If you need to report a highway problem, report it online: Report a Highways issue .


If I have a question, how can I get in touch?

If you have any questions about how 20mph will affect you:

If you are passionate about 20mph and want to tell us why or be a part of our marketing campaign contact us by email.